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The lifeline of your balance sheet.

Flexible financing with competitive rates is essential for the growth and long-term success of a business. Remedy Capital Corporation provides a combination of debt capital, financial analysis and best-in-class financial offerings, and is focused on increasing after-tax cash flow for existing and prospective storeowners. Remedy Capital Corporation is the first integrated, captive finance business in Canada’s independent pharmacy market and is an integral component of the entire Remedy’sRx® offering.

If you are considering selling, buying or renovating a pharmacy, talk to us first. We can work together to match you up with the right buyer or seller, plus provide you with the right capital solution. There are also lease programs available for equipment and other upgrades. We encourage Remedy’sRx® owners who are making important financial decisions to call us to find out how we can be of tremendous benefit to their stores.

We’ve got insurance covered.

At Remedy’s, we are committed to finding ways to reduce your operating costs while delivering more to your bottom line. Insurance coverage is a focus area these days with the introduction of mandatory liability coverage for pharmacists. We are pleased to announce that we have created an effective solution to meet your insurance needs.

  • We offer you a very attractive insurance program through an experienced brokerage, McClelland Insurance and a top insurance underwriter, Aviva Insurance. Together they have the ability to customize an attractive package that will support the unique needs of your business.
  • This offering is simple to access and offers a chance to lock in your rates for up to two years.

Succession Planning - Securing the future of independent pharmacy.


Succession planning is essential for most businesses to ensure continued success and growth. Remedy'sRx offers several succession planning programs to provide a stronger future for Independent Pharmacy in Canada.  By working together, we can help keep independent Pharmacy in the hands of independents.

Current Owners Program

When should I sell? How do I sell to an independent? How do I get a fair price?
These are the three most commonly asked questions we hear from pharmacy owners. Remedy Capital Corporation has the answers and will create a discrete, custom solution to help you capitalize on available opportunities. Here a few things to consider:

  • Selling to a corporate chain is not the only option. In our experience, preserving a legacy is important to many independent owners and they prefer to sell to fellow independent pharmacists. Let Remedy Capital Corporation show you how to get the best return for the hard work and lifelong commitment you invested in your pharmacy.
  • We can help identify an appropriate candidate whose enthusiasm and motivation will maintain the business you’ve built over the years and grow it for the future.

Graduate Recruitment Program

Remedy’sRx® is proud to support the next generation of pharmacists and we’ve put a program in place to accomplish that. Our graduate recruitment program provides:


  • Flexible access to capital to assist graduates in acquiring their own independent pharmacy. 
  • Customized financial solutions to suit the unique personal situation of each graduate.
  • Training and ongoing professional services and support.
  • A turnkey approach, with extensive operational support, to ensure the success of recent graduates looking to run their own pharmacy.