Remedy’sRx respects my independence, while providing me with programs that exceed my expectations. .....
Bill Coon
Pharmacist/Owner, Huntsville, ON


We’ll take care of your marketing so you can take care of their health.

In today’s competitive environment, an independent pharmacy needs to connect with its customers in a unique way. One of the benefits of being a Remedy’sRx® store is that we work closely with our owners to come up with marketing plans that help differentiate your store from the competition, draw customers in, and keep them coming back.



The Remedy’s Rx Brand is marketed as the health care destination that meets all of your patients’ needs. We consistently support this message in all of our marketing and communication efforts.



Take advantage of advertising templates that you can customize for newspaper ads, flyers, wellness events and other media.

Direct mail

Boost sales and build loyalty for your pharmacy with our customer direct mail materials that can be personalized for your market.


Public relations support

We actively promote our storeowners in prominent trade publications.



We will provide you with wellness columns for publication in your community newspapers and local newsletters.



In keeping with our commitment to connect with the community, we regularly stage outreach events.


Change how your customers feel with merchandising support.

Merchandising is an important part of your marketing efforts. More than just arranging products on a shelf, merchandising can dramatically affect how your customers feel about your store, from their first glimpse of the exterior to the shopping environment inside. Our Remedy’sRx® merchandising team will assist you with programs to keep your store fresh, exciting and appealing to customers, and show you how to better connect with your customers for more sales.


Flyer Program

Remedy’sRx® pharmacies currently take advantage of a 4-page bi-weekly flyer that features a cross section of leading brands from HBA, OTC, vitamins and natural health products

Health Product Categories

Our retail stores remain competitive with strong margins. We remain focused on our Private Label offering.

Seasonal Programs

Full seasonal sundry and confectionery programs (Christmas and Halloween, for example) are made available to all Remedy’sRx® Signature members.


Private Label

By the end of 2008, over 150 private label SKUs wil be available. We’ve chosen upscale packaging for our Private Label brand, which helps differentiate our products from that of the competition and ultimately yields strong store margins.



Since no two stores are alike, we provide our members with planograms that provide guidance on what products to carry based on the linear footage available.


Grand Opening Support

We take care of our new members with special grand opening activities.